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Born at February 2002 A. S.

  • We will never leave a Costumer without answer. We follow with Extreme Honour in Goat Music's name.

  • FUCK ALL Rip Offs, If a cursed Trader rip-us-off, be sure that his name will be delacerated, we will never let it unpunished...
    we will never give him another face, he will be never be forgiven as our enemies. The revenge is in our minds ever and will NEVER fade away. My Hate is the only reason to alive in this world, to degradate it and see the cursed human race in disgrace once more.

  • About RELEASES, we only work with Black Metal Hordes, maybe some exceptions (Death/Thrash - old school), that be back to the obscure side, worshipping the hate and evil.

  • We totally respect works done in VYNIL and DEMO TAPE K7, we are one of the few Labels investing in this kind of Format.
  • In Our Catalogue More Than 90% of the bands are trully Underground BM, If you search for Cradle Of Filth,this kind of crap stuff, bands into Mainstream,whom like to be trendy, children playing with THINGS that I consider as the ONLY propouse in life, You will find nothing here, forget about what Black Metal is and go back to your pathetical & miserable Life!
  • When I said UNDERGROUND, I am not associating myself and nor my my ideas with this fucking trashy decadent world, which disguise in Black Metal ways and KNOWS nothing! Assembling themselves as a Dirty Punk... But yes about a eliteof one style that preffer sells LESS but well-done stuff ever worshipping the Eternal Darkness, without been exposed in a fashionable style, ever rewinding back at time and extreme radicalism...
  • We Totally Support the RADICALISM in life and in Death....
  • We Do NOT Release pieces of shit with Politicians ideology being away to the Satanic Black Metal.
  • We do not have a LABEL to earn money or something, in true words I don't live my life depending of My LABEL, I just do this kind of work because I am a fanatic and I adore everything that may dilacerate the Jewish-Christian Moral;
  • I Believe and Respect every individuals, in this miserable Country, have a Hard Work to sustain a band and live your life in a doctrine to the strong ones. .
  • We will never show our mercy with false ones, traitors and every bastard who cross our paths.
  • This is Goat Music Records Legion.

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