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Goat 027 - Vulturine - As A Razor Crushing Your Life ...

Vulturine - As A Razor Crushing Your Life

A Pictures From Hell Distro in an unhappy alliance with Goat Music Records releases in analog format (Dt) the EP "As A Razor Crushing Your Life" ... Limited in 100 copies + Poster, sticker. And wooden case. Goat 027 & PFH 010


Goat 026 - Natimorto/Nudimmud - O Ventre Do Infortúnio...Anoin ...

Natimorto/Nudimmud - O Ventre Do Infortúnio...Anointed In Angel Blood

CD (Born in the womb of the dead, the revelation of Jesus-whore! The unholy art of occult anti-creation made by the spectres behind VULTURINE! NATIMORTO is the weird expression of hate against humankind, spread in the audial plague of NECRO BLACK METAL! NUDIMMUD - Blasphemous Black Metal at its best way. The brazilian answer to early works of PROFANATICA, DEMONCY, HAVOHEJ and BEHERIT!) This album is released under conspiracy between HAMMER OF DAMNATION, GOAT MUSIC and NYARLATHOTEP Recs


Goat 025 - Vulturine X Trono - Antigos Ritos Da Neblina E Da ...

Vulturine X Trono - Antigos Ritos Da Neblina E Da Lua Cheia

From the Monumental aversion of humanity, rises an impious piece of black Metal Art created in wombs of morbidity and putrefaction of the modern values. limited pro Split Tape containing 2 hymns of Vulturine & Trono. special tape package for believers only. 66 limited A3 poster. DONT expect the 80 south american sound, we dont summon Black Metal to be accepted. We are the brazilian bubonic plague. no free humanitarian copies no virtual master + cdr trades. Goat Music Records, Cover paper Professional Couchę. Goat 025


Goat 024 - Grotesque Communion - Spawn Of The Undivine ...

Grotesque Communion - Spawn Of The Undivine

“Yes, we’re insane and to cause repulse becomes our pleasure”. This is one of the statements that define Goat Music Records’s newest release. Grotesque Communion is the latest hellspawn that presents 6 shouts of Total Chaos, Sadistic Pervertions and Satanic Hatred. An ode to the old outrageous and imoralistic Black Metal times. Black and White covers embraced by a filth and desolated atmosphere. Songs that channelize the sickest fascination of self destruction and life’s detriment. Cover paper couchę BW, limited in 500 numbered copies. Check it and take your own conclusions... another damned strike straight from the chaotic third world! . PRO MC GOAT 024


Goat 023 - Hellishthrone (BRA) - The Book Of War ...

Hellishthrone (BRA) - The Book Of War

(Black Metal, version tape debut Cd “The Book Of War” - Tales of Forthcoming Battles For The Throne – cover paper couchę BW in 666 numbered copies “Slashing head-banging riffs, thundering war-calling drums with a spontaneous old school feeling, all turned into unholy Black Metal music. Played with hateful spirit and bloodstained hands" !!! GOAT 023


Goat 022 - Taarma (AFE) - Compiling The Wounds & Scars ...

Taarma (AFE) - Compiling The Wounds & Scars

(Goat Music vomits to the world the solitude of Taarma Pro Demo-Tape. They are 9 hymns of darkest and sick Black Metal from Afghanistan. The where just a lonely and rotten soul could produce a cold and disturbing music, this MC exclusive in America it is actually a compilation of several music of that death's Cult, bringing varied expressions of a really pessimist soul. Cover limited in 500 copies numbered, just recommended the Necro maniacs of this art.) Cover Paper couchę BW. Goat Music Records. Goat 022.


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